Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get a $10 Gift Card for Inviting 5 Friends to StumbleUpon – Or Get $20 for 10 friends

Invite 5 friends to StumbleUpon and receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

* Go HERE and sign up for StumbleUpon… it’s FREE!
* After signing up, GO HERE to start sharing this offer with at least 5 friends. You can share via  Facebook, Twitter or by sending emails to friends and family
* Once a friend signs up (under your link) you will receive an email confirmation that states “Congratulations, one of your friends has signed up for StumbleUpon” . And once you receive 5 of these emails, you will have earned your gift card!
It’s that easy! I love this time of year when companies have these offers! Every little bit of free money helps with Christmas in this house!

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