Monday, August 1, 2011

Try Shutterfly!

Have YOU used Shutterfly lately? I adore Shutterfly! As you all know, after years of being in the Thrifty world, I've made a lot of photo books from a lot of companies--but I always come back to Shutterfly's great photo books! They're photos are always crisp and clean (unlike some with grainy qualities from printing). I also think Shutterfly's photo book "building" program is the most user-friendly! When my youngest son was born, we also used Shutterfly to make his birth announcements. As a sleepless mother I was STILL able to make these birth announcements quickly and easily. With products like birth announcements, Christmas cards and birthday cards you need to know that you will be getting your custom products QUICKLY! Shutterfly has always delivered prompty. If you have any photo product needs, consider using Shutterfly for your next purchase!

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