Thursday, December 2, 2010

Start Earning for Christmas next year: Join Swagbucks!

Raise your hand if you love Swagbucks! It's no secret that it's been such a hard year, economically speaking, in the United States this year.  Our own home was hit this year with a long eight month stint of unemployment for my husband.  However, thanks to a lot of prayer, hard work and relying on Swagbucks for some of the extras we survived.  Swagbucks is an online search engine where you are rewarded for doing searches! It's completely free to join. I've been a member now for almost 3 years and have earned...well... a lot of giftcards! They have a TON of rewards you can earn, but the $5 giftcards are the best "buy" for your "bucks".  So, join Swagbucks HERE today and start earning for next Christmas! If you want more details, check out my FAQ HERE.

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