Friday, November 19, 2010

Looking for a sale on a Pillow Pet!? $10.99 shipped plus 4% cash back!

A pillow pet is ALL my 4 year old wants for Christmas...but at $20 a pop? YIKES!  Here's a great deal for one! First, log in to ShopAtHome and do a search for Make sure you click on the link that says "" and then click on the green banner that says "Shop Now" or you won't get your 4% cash back. Then once you're on (ShopAtHome will open a new window for you to shop in. Shop in that window or you won't get your 4% credit!) do a search for Cuddlee Extra Large pillow (or just Pillow Pet) and you'll see them there.  The price will be $11.99, but once it's in your cart it will go down to $10.99 with free shipping! HURRAY!


  1. It wouldn't let me make an account. It kept saying invalid email address. Hmmm...

    Anyone else having that same problem?

  2. Thanks so much for this! Caitlin has been begging for the ladybug and $20 just wasn't worth it!