Monday, November 29, 2010

Bath & Body Works: $10 off $10 Coupon Code

Bath and Body Works has an amazing coupon code out right now! Use coupon code: F102785 to get $10 off one item up to $10. If you buy an item that is only $5, it will take $5 off. If you buy an item that is $1, it will take $1 off (even if you buy 10 of them). If you buy any item that is $10, it will take $10 off! You will only pay shipping which is around $5.99. They have some great items marked down to $10 right now. It says coupon code expires 12/31 – but you never know when they will pull it so I would order now and not wait! Plus, go through Ebates and get 3% cash back on your purchase and a $5 sign up bonus if this is your first order through them! Sign up/in here, type Bath and Body Works in the search bar and click Shop Now! The sign up bonus would just about cover your shipping! Thanks, MojoSavings.

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