Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lands' End Women's Regular Turtleneck for only $2.99 (plus 3% cash back)

Can it already be time to start socking things away for Christmas gifts? You bet!  In my experience slow and steady wins the race with Christmas when I see a great deal I grab it, write it down on a list that I bought it and whom it is for and put it away.  I hate being tempted at the last minute to buy buy buy at regular retail prices!  Here's your first chance!

First things first, if you haven't already, join Shop At Home. It's a free service where you get cash back on (certain %...they all vary) your online purchases.  I also use Ebates.  Why do I use both? Because sometimes one will give you a larger % of cash back than the other. You'll be hearing a whole lot about these two companies in the next few months so join now!

Okay. So, Go to Shop At Join up. You also get $5 just for joining!  Next, on the Shop At Home site do a search in the yellow search area at the top of the page for "Lands' End". Click on the link that says you'll be getting 3% cash back.  This link will redirect you straight to the Lands' End site and it will say that you are shopping through Shop At Home. This is important! If you don't click on store's link and get redirected straight to it you won't get your cash back.  Once you're on the Lands' End site do a search for " Regular Cotton Interlock Turtleneck". There will be two color choices, Spiced Rhubarb or Park Green.  They'll be marked at only $7.99.  At check out use the codes “AUG2″ and PIN “1759″ at checkout and the price will drop to ONLY $2.99 with free shipping!  Plus you'll get 3% cash back on your entire order at Shop At Home!  That's what I'm talkin' about!
Thanks, Smart Couponing.

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