Tuesday, August 31, 2010

100 Free (and free shipping!) business cards from Zazzle!

Zazzle is offering 100 FREE business cards HERE.  You have to choose cards that are normally priced at $16.95 or less to get them free. Really any of the normal sized Business cards are generally $16.95.  Just head over to  ZAZZLE to get your 100 FREE Cards. Use the code: ZAZSHIPSFREE for free shipping.  You will have to put in your credit card info in--I use a prepaid Visa card for just such instances. For some reason paypal doesn't seem to work. If you don’t see $16.95 taken off in the area where making your card, find a new business card.   Once you get to the final page (BEFORE SUBMITTING!) Change the shipping to "FREE – ECONOMY", that will take off the $7.95 shipping.  for $0.00. Today is the last day for the free shipping code. Thanks, CouponersUnited!

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