Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Need a little extra money: Join CloudCrowd

I've been a member of CloudCrowd (currently an App on Facebook.. so you'll need to be a member there) for about a year now.  CloudCrowd is a company that helps small companies match up with us, the workers to get jobs such as translating (sometimes this is just making the English language sound fluid and does not require you to speak another language), categorizing, inspections on images...basically things that a computer program cannot do.  Most of the tasks anyone can do!  The "tasks" usually take just a few minutes. There is no minimum or maximum amount you can work for CloudCrowd--as long as they have tasks to do, you can do them!  They pay EVERY day that I work straight into my paypal (even if it's only .02!).  There's no minimum payout and I do not have to request payout to receive it.  I love that i don't have to request payout or I'd probably forget that I had earned a little one the site.  So, if you're hanging out on Facebook tending to your Farm or bulking up your Mafia check out CloudCrowd and earn some real money! Go HERE to join.

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