Friday, June 18, 2010

Deals to Meals: Please help!

Have you ever seen Deals to Meals? It is a really great website about meal planning, using food storage and getting great deals.  I'm currently in their contest to win a Bosch mixer (oh... how I've always wanted one of these!).  I don't like asking for favors from my readers...but at the current state of things this is my ONLY chance to own such a fine piece of kitchen equipment.  So.. I'm shamelessly begging. For every follower that says they were sent by Amanda Nowlin I get FIVE entries!  You have to stay a follower (a Google Follower) at least through July for the entries to count Once you are a Follower, please email them at and tell them Amanda Nowlin sent you!. So PLEASE subscribe to Deals to Meals and then drop them a line to say Amanda Nowlin sent you.  If I win this I PROMISE a super-cool giveaway!


  1. Done! I'd love for you to win!

  2. I can't see where to email that you sent me to this blog... I did post a comment saying that, though :)

  3. Thank you! I edited the post. Please email them at and say Amanda Nowlin sent you!