Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olay Money Maker (shipped right to your door!)

I love "Money makers"! Money makers are the deals where you actually come out with free items AND money back! Sweet.  Here's how to do this one (ANYONE can do this!) as Olay Body Wash for $3.99.   Purchase 3 of them. Shipping is automatically free with your first order if this is your first order as a new customer.  As soon as you get them in the mail, apply for the Olay rebate HERE (you'll need your shipping slip) If you are a repeat customer to, add two small fillers (things under $1) and you will get free shipping and it will STILL be a moneymaker!

I've written about before--I'm a fan of it.  Happy money making!

1 comment:

  1. hey amanda! so last nite i sidned up for swagbucks and so far have 4 lol but i did copy ur link and signed up thru it, so i hope it worked for you! thanks again :)
    ps im looking into alloroganic beauty/hygiene products, any suggestions for baby lotions/toothpaste/shampoo-conditioner ?? have u ever been to the skindeep site? there's a link on my hot pink blog with the actual url. pretty cool. thanks again!