Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seasons 1-5 of Lost on Hulu: FREE!

It's not secret: we do not have cable, dish, or even basic television in our home. It's self-imposed: I get addicted to tv and things fall to the wayside... so it is our choice. That being said: we do have Netflicks live on our Xbox 360. This time last year Swagbucks was offering a year long subscription giftcard as a prize and I was able to snag one. Then, about six months ago I had earned enough giftcards from Swagbucks to buy us an Xbox 360! It's a free search engine you get "paid" to use and easy to use. Join HERE! But I digress...

We also enjoy as a way to limit what television shows we allow in our house. Again, it's free TV and you don't have to watch all of the garbage commercials or trashy tv you don't want to see anyhow. And if you click HERE, you can watch any and ALL episodes, in their entirety of LOST for free. It's streaming, so you'll need a good internet connection (which is what we splurge on in our budget)but you can save money and not BUY all of the seasons on DVD! Enjoy!

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