Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quaker Oatmeal only .50 at Walgreens

This week is a great week to try out the easy-enough couponing deal and really come out ahead! If you're lucky enough to hae a Walgreens near youu this is exactly how to do the deal (don't be nervous. You CAN do this!):
1) Use the in-ad Walgreens coupon to get 1-Minute Quaker Oats for $1.50. This coupon looks exactly like the image aboe. When you walk into Walgreens you'll see a stack of ads there so don't fret about not having an ad already. Just cut it out there. There is a limit of 4 PER COUPON. You can use more than one coupon, or just come back later!
2) Print off a coupon for $1 off HERE for firefox users or HERE for Internet Explorer users. After one prints, click back on your browser and agree to "resend" it, and you get 2 prints per computer.
3) Go to Walgreens, buy 2 of the correct size Oatmeals and at the cash register give ALL three coupons (1 from Walgreens and 2 internet-printed coupons) and you'll pay about $1 plus tax for both!

Let me know how you do! We don't have a Walgreens within an hour of home, so I miss out. This is pretty much a rock-bottom price so stock those pantries if you have access to more than one computer!

Thanks for the heads' up, Wichita Coupons!


  1. The coupon site wouldn't let me print twice, but I have two computers, so I was able to print two coupons off that ways (one on each).

    When I got there, I got the last 2 oatmeal that were on the shelf! Gave her the walgreen's coupon and then my two coupons. When the cashier saw the total her jaw hit the ground! lol

    So I was able to give her the link to your blog! Hopefully she'll come use it! :)

  2. That's awesome! Thanks for spreading the word!