Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Series: "But Is She Really Thrifty?"

Many of my readers may know by now that yesterday at 5:00pm my husband was laid off from work. This was completely out of the blue. While this is a huge trial in our lives, I feel as though it's sort of a "final exam" for The Screaming Penny. Good deals are great, coupons are wonderful--but the question may still be floating around "But is she REALLY thrifty?". To which I reply: Watch and see, my pretties. We are very blessed to have the tools, faith and knowledge that will help us get through this time--hopefully with a smile on our faces!

Therefore I'm starting a new personal series called "But Is She Really Thrifty?" here on The Screaming Penny. I will still be sharing the same awesome deals, freebies and fun stuff ALONG with some of my favorite frugal recipes and some switches we will be making to tighten our budget.


  1. Best wishes and good luck!
    I'm sorry to hear about the layoff, how scary.

  2. As we head into gardening season, there are many veggies you can grow cheaply especially greens/sprouts(and some to absolutely avoid $ wise). I'm new to TSP, good luck to you.