Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Multiple Streams (or Piddles) of Income (Active Earners)

My husband LOVES Rich Dad, Poor Dad so I'm forever hearing about "multiple streams of income". Anything I can do with my spare time (hardy-har har) I like to refer to as "multiple piddles of income"...honestly, each company I work for is not going to make me rich. HOWEVER, many little "odd jobs" online can add up! So, here is my personal master list of online companies that I work with and for. I have a list of what I call "Active Earners" (those that I do work for and earn money from and "Passive earners" (cash back sites or those that save me money). If you haven't joined and are interested in some tried-and-true spare change online--please join! I do recommend starting a "junk" email account with all of these though.

Active Earners
*Swagbucks: Earn a reward ( a "swagbuck" or points) for using their search engine just like Google.
*CloudCrowd: This is an app for Facebook. You can do "tasks" reviewing, categorizing and reading China-based websites. The only requirement is that you are a native English speaker/reader. I like CrowdCrowd because they automatically deposit my earnings (however small) in my paypal account every day I earn.
*UpBux: a classic paid-to-click. You get paid .01 per ad you "view" (RIGHT!) And it takes all of a few seconds out of my day.
*NeoBux: EXACTLY the same as Upbux...but now you have TWO places to do tiny little ad views.
* BeRuby: Build a dashboard and click on the links there for sites (even Hotmail!) that you'd go to anyhow and get paid .01 for it.

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