Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cafe Coffee Pods: AMAZING deals

Here's a deal for my coffee drinking friends. Amazon has Cafe Coffee pods on sale for $14 for an amazing 96 pods! The normal price is $ buy up. Purchase 2 packs and get free shipping. These are said to fit all leading pod home brewers:

* Cafe Halo Hazelnut (96-count) $14
* Cafe Halo Sumatra (96-count) $14
* Cafe Halo Cappuccino (96-count) $14
* Cafe Halo Butter Toffee (96-count) $14
* Cafe Halo Ethical Edition (96-count) $14
* Cafe Halo Choc Indulgence(96-cnt) $14
* Cafe Halo Kona Dark Blend (96-cnt) $14
* Cafe Halo House Natural Decaf (96-cnt) $14
* Cafe Halo Breakfast Blend Decaf (96-cnt) $14

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