Monday, December 21, 2009

Up to 40% off plus 7%cash back at

Another sweet deal from Crocs!
1) Log in at and do a search for Crocs. Click on the link there and make sure you see a shopping ticket that redirects you to

2) Shop around but as a warning, the code "BRADSDEALS20" will remove the auto 30% off Outlet items, so only use it on non-outlet items.

3) At checkout use both MYCOUP20 BRADSDEALS20 and get 20% off with each code, plus there's free shipping until 12/23.


  1. Also, if you have a Crocs outlet local, they may have BOGO right now. Mine does, at least! I followed the link from DS to your blog because my daughter is named Penny, and we do sometimes end up with screaming Penny. :D

  2. We're 45 minutes from any given mall (including Target, Barnes and Noble, etc.) so it didn't even occur to me about an actual Crocs Outlet! That's funny about your little Screaming Penny!