Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Got 15 cents? Think of your SPCA!

*Dead deal* Sorry. The coupon has expired.

Both of our little dogs came from the local SPCA, so I try to find deals that I can get things for cheap for them every now and again. Here's one of them!

Go to Doctors Foster and Smith. This link will take you straight to a syringe that is only .15 and you get with free shipping. Donate this also to the SPCA! At checkout, choose that you want to enter a coupon code. It's a bit tricky to find, but it's at checkout on the right side. Enter the code 3383/2152.
Choose one of 4 items (valued at $20) free with your order:

Piddle Pads (box of 50)
Cozy Cushion for Cats with (Thermo-reflective layer for warmth)
Low-Fat Crunchies for Dogs (choose one of 3 flavors)
Premium Plus Skin & coat Liquid (32oz)

You can pay with paypal!

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