Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amazing Children's room items!

These are SO SO SO cute! Grab them while you can--these prices WILL NOT last!

Beck Children's 3-Piece Pencil Furniture Set - Coat Tree, Bookcase, Desk and Chair Only $24.99

Beck Children's Wooden Bookshelf with Canvas Shelves Only $18.99

Beck International Children's Wooden Toy Bin Organizer in White and Pastel Only $9.00

Beck Children's Wooden Art Desk and Chair with 100 ft. Roll of Paper Only $17.99

Beck International Children's Wooden Coat Tree Only $5.99

Beck Children's Wooden Pencil Art Easel Only $13.99

Beck International Children's Desk and Chair Set Only $16.99

Beck Children's Blue Wooden Gym Locker Only $19.99


  1. I really want the Beck bookshelves with Canvas but the link only pulls up one for 44.99:(

  2. The deal must have been over. Sorry. Amazon is notorious for fast changing prices on these smokin' deals