Friday, November 20, 2009

Plan Toys 50% off plus $6 cashback

Plan toys are wonderful, heirloom worthy wooden toys dyed with eco-friendly dyes (not painted). They're awesome.. and they don't go on sale often!

Shop via ShopAtHome (free to's a cash back site) and get $6 cash back at So join ShopAtHome, do a search for Hautelook and shop THROUGH the link on the site to get your $6 back. There's also a $5 bonus for joining (you'll have to do $20 worth of offers to get it.. but with this deal you'll be $11 ahead. has a bunch of plan toys right now for 50% off. Combined with the $6 back from ShopAtHome you're bound to get some really good deals. The only down side is you have to join to even look at what they have.

These are selling out rather quickly.

Here's a rough list:
Parking Garage: Reg Price $90, Sale $45
Airport: Reg Price $80, Sale $40
Contemporary Dollhouse: Reg Price $120, Sale $60
Circus Set: Reg Price $60, Sale $30
Native American Set: Reg Price $25, Sale $12.50 SOLD OUT
Bridge Set: Reg Price $25, Sale $12.50 SOLD OUT
Cargo Train: Reg Price $18, Sale $9
Gazebo: Reg Price $20, Sale $10
Chubbie Push Toy: Reg Price $19, Sale $9.50
Spin Bell: Reg Price $10, Sale $5
Teddy: Reg Price $18, Sale $9
Ring Soundmaker: Reg Price $7, Sale $3.50 SOLD OUT
Caterpillar and Cocoon: Reg Price $18, Sale $9

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