Monday, November 16, 2009

Do you Alice?

Have you heard of It's an awesome site! I think it's great for people that would kind of like to sort of coupon.. but don't want to be "that person" with a million coupons at the store. sells practically everything Walgreens or CVS sells..but the awesome part is is that they have "clip free coupons" that are applied automatically! AND always free shipping--ALWAYS! Avoid the holiday rushes! Sign up with this link HERE and when you reach $50 spent (do your shopping from home at a GREAT discount.. AND free shipping!) you'll receive an extra $10!

They do 50 deals a week! There are a few things you should know though:
- has free shipping all the time. There is a 6 item min. order though. However, if it's your first order you can order only item and still get free shipping.

- Clip free coupons are often the same as newspaper coupons--but you can only use one coupon per item (say, you want to order 6 Bounty rolls... you only get to use one coupon).

- While the prices are good at, they're not always the BEST... but I think with the holidays, colds and flus and cold weather in general around, I'll be doing MY shopping and having it delivered!

**Added bonus for my Swagbucks friends: Look now under Giftcards under Prizes and snag a $5 giftcard for only 12 swagbucks! This only works for new customers.. but enjoy!

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