Monday, November 30, 2009

AWESOME deal on legos at

If you haven't already joined go ahead! You get a sign up bonus just for joining, plus you also can get a free subscription to BabyTalk magazine. AND if you shop via ShopAtHome you'll get 1.5% back. If you're a new customer (like me)you'll get 10% off just for being a first time shopper. Please use the code AMAN1243 as a referral when you sign up (enter it at the shopping cart screen). is great also because you can MAIL in your manufacturer's coupons for diapers, etc. and get that money accredited to your account.
Here's how to get a good deal on some Legos:
use code Merry10 for 10dollars off
use 10percent for 10 percent off non diaper items
Free shipping for orders over 49.99
parenting magazine rebate of 14.97 (look for little link on bottom of screen)

Good luck and thanks for a referral!

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