Monday, November 30, 2009

30% off giftcards today!

Go to and join first of all. It's a great site with electronic coupons automatically added in. Painless! Plus if you have the money right now this is a great way to stock up. I think buying a $100 giftcard for $70 is it's free shipping always if you buy 3 items. No braving the cold or catching some sickness at Walgreens or CVS this cold and flu season for us!

So.. on to the deal. Go to the main page and on the top left hand of the screen there will be a red tag that says "15% off giftcards" click there. Next, share it on Facebook and get 30% off! Combine that with the online coupons and you've got a year of some pretty inexpensive household items (including things like detergent!).

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