Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free shipping at Musician's Friend + 5% back!

This is for all of my musical friends out there. Most of you already know that Musician's Friend is an awesome website for ALL of your music needs (instruments, used items, sheet can even pick up some Chucks there too!)--but did you know that right now they have free shipping with NO minimum? That's right--go ahead and order a dozen guitar picks. Use the code "FREE" at checkout for free shipping. They also have an awesome "Match Any Price" deal, so if you find somewhere that has what you want but they're charging a ton for shipping give Musician's Friend a call! And don't forget to ship via Mr. Rebates (no really.. join now before we get closer to Christmas shopping.. I'll be mentioning them a LOT) and you'll get 5% cash back on everything you order!
1) Log in to Mr. Rebates
2) Do a search for Musician's Friend and click on the link IN Mr. Rebates.
3) Shop away
4) After you're done you'll receive an email saying that your rebate is being processed. This could take a while.. but why not? It's YOUR money!

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