Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CHEAP miliary surplus--think stocking stuffers!

I just ordered one of these from It's a used Russian gas mask carrier bag for only $1.12 with FREE SHIPPING (no. the gas mask was not included)! They have a bunch of pretty cool items too! Think about a dress up area for the kids, your GI Joe-lovin' kiddo, or some really cool accessories for you-think outside the box! I plan on using my bag for times when I don't have to lug the diaperbag! And it's really awesome because you're repurposing things rather than them going to a landfill somewhere.

**This site is running SLOW..but it does work. I used paypal to pay and used 207 to get an ADDITIONAL 10% off. You must register to get free shipping as an option.

here are a few other inexpensive items.
- East German Garrison Cap $1.12
- US Navy Style Beret $1.12
- Vinyl Safety Belt $2.25
- Men's German PT Shirt $1.12
- Dutch Army Fatigue Cap $1.12 (I ordered one of these too)
- Safety Goggles $1.12


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  1. okay, so I'm lovin your blog!

    I am trying to order some stuff off this website and although I registered, it won't give me free shipping. Am I missing something?