Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopping Trip Thursday 8/20

It felt so great to exercise my coupon-fu! It's been a good long while since i've been brave enough to take both boys to all of the stores I like... but luckily it wasn't that hot today (My AC in our car is broken. ugh) so we did the rounds.
- First and foremost: Storytime at the Rockbridge Regional Library.
- CVS run: L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair and L’Oreal Cleanser Towelettes (sorry.. doing this from memory with a sleeping baby on my lap) and CVS brand tampons (hidden deal this week. Free after ECBs). Total spent OOP (out of pocket) $2.xx. Gained back $12.00 in ECBs.
- Kroger: This was the biggie this week with their buy 10 items get $5 off instantly at checkout. Plus there were a few Manager's Special that I took advantage of and spent $12.xx there. Most everything in the picture was from there. A few highlights were Quake's (Sam's favorite treat EVER. He had one back open before we got home. it's missing from the picture), Pulled pork on M.S. for $2.50 down from $9, GoGurt (Sam's never had this.. I had GOOD coupons), BLT Salad mix for $1. Potato bread buns to go with the Pork, a loaf of bread, donuts (for Sunday morning!), Sobe drinks (they were .25 for 2.. Bryant will like them)... the list goes on!
- Food Lion: 2x 17.6 pounds of Purina Alpo dogfood. We have 2 Cairn Terriers that really dig this dogfood.. so I took advantage. Big time. They're B1G1Free this week and I had 2 $3.50/1 coupons for the food. Originally they were $10.99 each. I landed up paying just under $5 for both. I also grabbed an Organic Tomato Paste and used the Food Lion Internet Print (FLIP) for $1.00 off.. so it was .13.

All told I came home with .73 still in my "Magic Envelope" as Sam put it. AND.. we didn't even step FOOT into Walmart!


  1. You.are.Amazing! I don't know if I would have had the patience to do all of that. Go Amanda!

  2. What a great job you did shopping for all this. Oh, I know you make your mother proud of you.